Since We Got A Sofa…

Things have changed a little bit since we got a sofa in the office. The idea was quite a simple one. We had a space after removing an unnecessary desk, and thought to fill it with something comfortable that we could make use of. My colleague hopped along to IKEA and found it in Bargain […]

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What is the school for?

This year, I decided to move to working four days a week, giving me one day to work with different schools, and to explore a diverse range of projects and approaches. This has been enriching, and has given me a wider perspective; I continue to learn a phenomenal amount during my four days as AHT, […]

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I am writing about convolution. I generally consider myself to be a decent writer, but I know I have a tendency for sentences to drag on. I feel physically sick to have already used two full stops. Now three. I tend instead to write long, meandering and complex sentences and have just presumed anyone reading […]

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