The Pleasantries

We debate incessantly about what children should know and be able to do, but maybe a starting point should be to consider undesirable traits in the adults we know, and try to chop these traits off at their childish roots. Pleasantries, and the art of casual easy small talk, are vital life skills. As a […]

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Mariam’s Ramdhaan

This is a guest post written by my friend and colleague Dr Nasima Hassan, from the University of East London. In this post, Nasima explores the experiences of a 10 year old girl in London during Ramadan/Ramdhaan. Thanks Nasima! It’s Ramdhaan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims around the word fast from […]

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About You, The Reader

In Literacy this week, we have focused on the importance of knowing your audience when writing. Whilst writing instructions, the kids needed to think carefully about their style, content, vocabulary and design organisation, to pitch it correctly for their intended audience. This began with an activity writing instructions for how to shop in the supermarket; […]

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Local Literacies

Fancy some Ching Chang Walla after us scran? Have you ever been petrol pumped? Deeznuts. Ever asked the van driver to ‘ ‘igher it down’ when the music’s too loud? What is Stalybridge doing sitting in my cupboard again? If you are confused it is because this is all about hyperlocal literacies and the way […]

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Northern Rocks: Return Journey

Part of the Northern Rocks blog sync – Trigger Warning – This post contains regional nationalism I chuffing love the North. I have had a phenomenal day connecting not only with the northern contingent of my educational Twitterati, but with the Northern contingent of myself. My Billy Caspar, my Barry Chuckle and my Brian Clough […]

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