How to value teachers’ uniqueness.

I have written elsewhere about how, outside of the core basics of instructional ability required of all teachers, there is a wide spectrum of skills, interests, personalities and aptitudes that individual teachers can have which would enrich their pupils. So long as teachers are teaching effectively, this amazing diversity is perhaps one of the most […]

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Walk in Umdingerland

I like taking school visits to places where the kids get to see the magic and mystery in their own everyday lives, even more than taking them to places they don’t get to experience often. Both are important and valuable but my proclivity towards embellishing the mundane with meaning stems from quirky adventures with my […]

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Expecting Better

As part of our work on adaptation and evolution for Science Week, the kids needed to learn about and research different habitats and the particular advantages some animals have over others in these habitats. We were moving towards designing our own version of the beautiful ‘Remarkable Animals’ book by Tony Meeuwissen. The kids were interested […]

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Who I Am. What I Do.

This post is part of  the Who I Am. What I Do project started by @eddiekayshun and @julesdaulby  at I am not particularly prone to self-loathing, but my main thoughts on my own primary school days rest upon how much I would hate to teach myself, if I was the teacher of my former self. […]

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