2017: A Year of Doing

Every year, like many of us, I make a list of vague resolutions that I have generally broken some time before the second week of January. These vague resolutions include things like ‘Get Fitter’, ‘Write More’ and ‘Have Work-Life Balance’. I write my resolutions and then promptly grab a fistful of stollen, crack on some […]

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How Communities Improve

Gentrification is a hollow term, reflecting a hollow concept, but one that has quite tangible effects. It inspires hope and horror, often in equal measure; there is the optimism about the way an area might improve, but the fear that it might change in a bad way. The link between gentrification and displacement is complex, […]

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2016 in Review

  2016. What a year. We lost a host of heroes, and not just for one day. We saw Farage winning at life, we did a Brexit and saw the USA elect what still feels like some dark postmodern satirical meme. We have watched hell rain down on Syria and watched as the world has […]

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On Schools and Their Communities

The surface level of understanding is very different from the deeper understanding when it comes to knowing your school community. The surface level is very rarely an accurate summary of the deeper level; more often, the first impressions and the bluntly clear elements may actively obscure the realities of what is going on. When I […]

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