The 1 Minute School Test

I was at some TeachFirst/Future Leaders training yesterday (oo get her) and one of the facilitators asked how long it takes once you have entered a school before you can identify its vision. Someone called out ‘A couple of weeks’ and someone called out ‘A couple of minutes’. I humbly propose one minute as the […]

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Finish at the Start

This will be a quick post, as I am writing it to distract myself temporarily from the horror of my diary for the upcoming half term. In just 24 short days, I am teaching a lot of lessons, doing eleven observations, hosting a leadership session, visiting four schools, overseeing four debating competitions, running a borough […]

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Teacher, are you faking it?

New teachers need to believe in themselves as teachers in order to feel comfortable in their new role. The novelty of being there, whiteboard rubber in hand and with a lanyard round your neck, can feel like fancy dress. The first telling off you deliver makes you fly through your list of fictional rogues – […]

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Teachers as Public Speakers

The feeling was a familiar one, a choking nostalgia whose warm hands climbed up my torso to grip my throat. My mind lost focus and my synapses relaxed, leaving my mouth to freestyle. My own hands felt as though they were vibrating. This is not my response to Rison poisoning, but was what I was […]

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Why Teach?

Chris Chivers wrote earlier about the reasons why teachers become teachers, why heads become heads and what we would most like to change. As I commented to Chris, it is fascinating that someone who has dedicated themselves to the profession so conclusively ‘fell into teaching’ rather than setting out to do it. This chimes with […]

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Nurture 1516

Like a slaphead Maleficent, it is time to gaze into my magic mirror of reflection, and to ask whether my year was the fairest of them all. My hopes for 2015 were as follows. These snippets are from last year. Balance – Stop living vicariously through my job, and learn to relax. Thesis – Find […]

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From Now Til Christmas

  This post is 10% perspiration and 90% procrastination; even the perspiration is only just because I am wearing a heavy jumper. Sometimes this is just how it is – you wake up, think about doing work, watch Andrew Marr, eat a few sausages, do a bit of speculative betting, buy a coffee and then […]

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