Memories of Training

I don’t quite know why I woke up on Boxing Day with the words ‘Well well well … looks like someone‘s not an outstanding graduate’ in my head, but I did. These words triggered a flurry of memories of the Summer of 2011, when I did my teacher training with TeachFirst. Many people are interested […]

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Despite presently feeling about as productive and vibrant as a damp dish-cloth, the year has actually been pretty eventful and interesting. My existence is oriented towards simply staving off the mawkish demons of boredom, and I have managed to keep the beasts at bay. Thinking about my 2014 reflections and my hopes for 2015, the […]

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My Thoughts on Britishness

I begin this post with one of my favourite photographs of my teaching career. As our school’s Geography coordinator, I put on a whole school week titled ‘A World of Difference’ each January, in which different year groups each focus on some globally relevant topic. Year 3 look at the idea of survival. Year 4 […]

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