Integration, Diversity, Community

Here are some thoughts. Integration requires mutual understanding and compromise of all those involved if it is to be even remotely equitable. When ‘they don’t want to integrate’ is invoked, question the extent to which one group is expecting others to change, whilst not expressing any desire or willingness to change themselves. This is immersion […]

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Primary Testing, Plap, Culture, Social Reproduction, Queet and the Flummoxing of the Chumps

I asked my Y4s what they are excited about for Y5. All they said is they are scared because Y5 is one year from SATS. #ks2sats — Jonny Walker (@jonnywalker_edu) 26 April 2016 As in many schools at the moment, test fever is settling into our playground like a beautiful flock of birds, if the birds […]

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Summary of the White Paper

These are the notes I am making, from the selective standpoint of someone with responsibility for a Teaching School, on the ‘Educational excellence everywhere’ White Paper. All schools will become academies, and will be given ‘supported autonomy’. The school-led system is settling in, with MATS and Teaching Schools leading on local improvement. Good practice is […]

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Nothing Else MATters

This week I did something awful. My body clock woke me up in a blind panic on Friday, and I had dreamt I was late for work so in the instant I woke up – in a cloud of delirium – I ran to my housemate’s bed, got her by the shoulders and said “Quick, […]

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Be a Signpost: Keep Teaching

I am going to be talking about the positives of education, schooling and teaching. Speaking of the positives does not mean I am suggesting that our education system is perfect. We cling too readily to binary positions on contentious issues; we too easily settle into For/Against positions that oversimplify each standpoint, often glossing over the tricky parts […]

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Education Creeps

Things change in schools and in education – that is one certainty among a fog of uncertainty. These changes are rarely immediate changes from one thing to another. Schools are fluid and their changes have a quite lilting, drifting quality. Sometimes, you can orchestrate these changes – these creepings – but sometimes you can only watch idly […]

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