Teaching/Cementing Difference

With stories and through the humanities, we can bring distant cultures into our classrooms. These may be cultures that our pupils associate with through family ties, or they may not be. The stories we do and do not tell shape the way our pupils come to see the world. But how nuanced is the view […]

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The Feeling of Reading

Nostalgia as Pebbledash Nostalgia guides us, and not always in the most helpful directions. My memories of primary school are scattergun, a smattering of half-forgotten moments. I remember vividly the experience of queueing up at my Year 3 teacher’s knees, waiting to ask her my burning question, my chest puffed up with the early symptoms […]

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Teaching in the Community

There is another world of education that exists outside the classrooms, and this rich tapestry of learning contexts attests most of all to the importance that people attach to education and to being educated. There persists a deeply held belief in the value of education as a form a bettering oneself – as opening doors to […]

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TfS – Teaching for Sprezzatura

Sprezzatura – “effortless grace or an easy facility in accomplishing difficult actions while hiding the conscious effort that went into them.” – Sprezzatura in the primary school is rare, but when you find it, it stirs the soul. As a kind of learned naturalness or ‘rehearsed spontaneity’ (1) it is what you might find a couple of times […]

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