About Me

Oh hi I am Jonny Walker, also known as Mr Walker, Sir, Miss, Miss-I-Mean-Sir, Auntie Jonny Bargains and, most recently, Jonique.

I teach at Elmhurst Primary School in East London. I’ve been here since I did my training with TeachFirst in 2011, and either through extreme loyalty or a crippling lack of ambition, I remain an Elmhurster.

I believe in schools as important parts of their local community, and whilst the main priority will also be the education of the pupils, I think schools can play a much bigger role in bringing people together, building community coherence and in empowering parents and families  to connect and engage with lifelong learning.

At the moment, I am the Assistant Director of the Elmhurst Teaching School. This gives me the opportunity to work with about 30 schools across Newham and East London, putting together collaborative learning projects such as the Newham Geography Bee, Newham Primary Speechmaking Competition and the ETSA Newham Y5 Poetry Retreat.

That said, I still spend most of my time in class, mostly teaching in Key Stage 2. Now in my sixth year of class teaching, I continue to find it intellectually interesting, occasionally frustrating and usually very amusing being a teacher.

Being a teacher gives you something money can’t buy: anecdotes. And I have got millions.


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