An East London Odyssey

On Romford Road, I wait for the the 25 from Ilford to Oxford Street. At the front of my mind as I wait, two grim thoughts compete for attention; I think about what my student has just told me about a boy in Year 11 being stabbed in the head outside their school, and what […]

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Writing with Strangers in the City

Today I started a writing course at Goldsmiths. It has all the hallmarks of an interesting experience. We have a brilliant mix of participants – lifelong Londoners and someone who arrived only this week, educators, published poets, archaeologists, sociologists, journalists and students from around the world. The course was solidly practical, with activities to prompt […]

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On Thursday I start a creative writing course called Writing the City. It has – or seems to have, at least – a wide open brief, allowing for the writing of prose, poetry and non-fiction,  all inspired by the city. A few days ago, I woke up with an idea quite fully formed. I am […]

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What We Learned In The Cabin

@Ezzy_Moon Over these hols, Ive been moved from my class into a portakabin. Want to work with my kids to produce a new phys/emotional space. — Jonny Walker (@jonnywalker_edu) 2 January 2015 We huddled together as the walls were smashed and the floor was raised. We watched as the workman raised the mangled corpse of the […]

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There Is More Light Here

Farhaan Patel (@DeputyDifferent) has just shared how he is inspired by the writings of Rumi. When I was on holiday in Turkey a few years ago, I stumbled across the stories of Mulla Nasruddin, as written down by Idries Shah. Sitting on the beach day after day, reading for a  few minutes, sleeping for a few minutes, […]

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On #BAMEed

Teaching can so easily become a platform for hypocrisy. I plan lessons on healthy lifestyles  whilst eating a Greggs, for example. I chastise my pupils for neglecting to read at home, whilst making little time for it myself. But one hypocrisy would be particularly hard to stomach. I tell my pupils in fairly blunt terms, considering their […]

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Poetry in Motion

As I am currently reading Aravind Adiga’s ‘Selection Day’, a tale of two young prodigious cricketers from the slums of Mumbai, i am reminded of a strange few days I spent with the kids in Arundel. Cricket is a very popular sport in our playground, and on many occasions I have doused my trousers with […]

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