Teachers as Public Speakers

The feeling was a familiar one, a choking nostalgia whose warm hands climbed up my torso to grip my throat. My mind lost focus and my synapses relaxed, leaving my mouth to freestyle. My own hands felt as though they were vibrating. This is not my response to Rison poisoning, but was what I was […]

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Being a Sick Teacher

Click here to see how I am feeling! There are multiple ways in which I am like the elderly. I am really keen on parsnips. I like to talk loudly. I have some beige clothes. But beyond these, the main way in which I am like the elderly is the extent to which I love […]

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Teach like a Trainee

There are elements of my teaching as a trainee that I would not want to replicate myself, and I wouldn’t want others to replicate. This includes allowing the growth of a marking mountain, thinking that solely by being pleasant would I win the hearts of the kids I teach and also my liberal approach to […]

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To Neaten a Ne’er-do-Well

Are you one of those primary teachers whose classroom is immaculate, whose paperwork is always 100% up to date and who is generally on top of everything? Well go away, this isn’t for you. This post is for those whose classrooms look more like Lidl than Ikea. What follows is a meandering introduction and some […]

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