Finish at the Start

This will be a quick post, as I am writing it to distract myself temporarily from the horror of my diary for the upcoming half term. In just 24 short days, I am teaching a lot of lessons, doing eleven observations, hosting a leadership session, visiting four schools, overseeing four debating competitions, running a borough […]

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Teachers as Public Speakers

The feeling was a familiar one, a choking nostalgia whose warm hands climbed up my torso to grip my throat. My mind lost focus and my synapses relaxed, leaving my mouth to freestyle. My own hands felt as though they were vibrating. This is not my response to Rison poisoning, but was what I was […]

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#rED15 Adventures in Meatspace

Again, it was a packed day of talks, familiar faces, forgotten names and interesting chats. As always, it is good to meet up with the people who I normally prefix with @, and to frequent that ‘Dream Staffroom’ of likeminded colleagues. Yesterday though, when I wasn’t being derailed by Charlie Payne’s snorts of laughter, my […]

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Northern Rocks: Return Journey

Part of the Northern Rocks blog sync – Trigger Warning – This post contains regional nationalism I chuffing love the North. I have had a phenomenal day connecting not only with the northern contingent of my educational Twitterati, but with the Northern contingent of myself. My Billy Caspar, my Barry Chuckle and my Brian Clough […]

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DfE History Consultation

This little post is a brief summary of my experiences as part of the panel that was consulted on the new History Curriculum. I know this seems like an odd way to start a post, but I want to make it clear that this was a fair while ago. If I asked you to tell […]

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