On The Feeling of Fear

The way we are, and the way we want to be seen, are undermined by our fears. There is something deeply personal about the things that scare us, and fear is one of those emotional states that it is impossible to hide. To see the fear of another person is to see something about them […]

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My #Summer10

Jill and Nancy did it – that’s enough persuasion for me to chuck one out. My Summer Holidays are truncated to five weeks, as often they are for me, because I teach in an area that celebrates many religious holidays. We have days off for Guru Nanak’s Birthday, Eid, Holi, Christmas and Easter, so we […]

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Nurture 1415 Update

1) Balance – Create more of a work life balance, you teaching-obsessed freak. Even when I wrote this, with my heart all aflame with dreams of reinvention, I knew I wasn’t going to change much. Bluntly and honestly, I have grown quite attached to my work-addiction, since my entire social life in London revolves around […]

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Teaching in Tesco

On Friday, Jules Daulby (@JulesDaulby) was chatting about the idea that we ought to Make It Ridiculous Occasionally. As someone whose lessons often appear incomprehensible or odd to those who walk in midway through the journey, I thought it was interesting to see it being described as a phase. I am inclined to think it […]

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I didn’t intend to write anything today but with a topic like bloopers, I am spoiled for choice. Having read about the unfortunate happenings in Laura McInerney’s top drawer, I am reminded of numerous spectacular errors. The first relates to spectacles, in fact. It is slightly cheating, this one, as it actually took place when […]

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