Christmas as Britishness?

Christmas for me is simoly a justification to eat a lot of marzipan. As a non-religious chap, the personalised meaning of Christmas is purely cultural, and has no direct ‘spiritual relevance’ for me. I can imagine for those who really are Christian, and whose religiosity exists at the forefront of their lives, seeing the modern […]

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“You can’t do that! Stories have to be about White people”

Originally posted on Media Diversified:
Young Writers of Colour by Darren Chetty I’ve spent almost two decades teaching in English primary schools, which serve multiracial, multicultural, multifaith communities. I want to explore two things I have noticed. 1)    Almost without exception, whenever children are asked to write a story in school, children of colour will…

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Using GeoGuessr in the Classroom

I am a big fan of an addictive little gadget called GeoGuessr ( and whilst it is important not to fall into the trap of promoting ‘edutainment’, this game can be used remarkably well in the classroom to develop geographical enquiry and geographical inference. GeoGuessr is a clever little thing. It present you with an […]

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Teaching Poetry Coolly

My pupils are not those disaffected 15 year olds who can only be brought into the world of the written word through writing gritty raps about their life in the grime of the tower blocks. My pupils are the well-behaved and relatively docile 9 year olds who can be enthused about pretty much anything so […]

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Teacher With No Religion

In my home town, the Wetherspoons has a larger Sunday morning congregation than the church. Being an atheist there is about as notable and controversial  as having a head. In secondary school, the small minority of pupils who did practice a faith (and these were the same small minority who were not white, generally) were […]

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