What is the school for?

This year, I decided to move to working four days a week, giving me one day to work with different schools, and to explore a diverse range of projects and approaches. This has been enriching, and has given me a wider perspective; I continue to learn a phenomenal amount during my four days as AHT, […]

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On Schools and Their Communities

The surface level of understanding is very different from the deeper understanding when it comes to knowing your school community. The surface level is very rarely an accurate summary of the deeper level; more often, the first impressions and the bluntly clear elements may actively obscure the realities of what is going on. When I […]

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Finish at the Start

This will be a quick post, as I am writing it to distract myself temporarily from the horror of my diary for the upcoming half term. In just 24 short days, I am teaching a lot of lessons, doing eleven observations, hosting a leadership session, visiting four schools, overseeing four debating competitions, running a borough […]

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Teach like a Trainee

There are elements of my teaching as a trainee that I would not want to replicate myself, and I wouldn’t want others to replicate. This includes allowing the growth of a marking mountain, thinking that solely by being pleasant would I win the hearts of the kids I teach and also my liberal approach to […]

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To Neaten a Ne’er-do-Well

Are you one of those primary teachers whose classroom is immaculate, whose paperwork is always 100% up to date and who is generally on top of everything? Well go away, this isn’t for you. This post is for those whose classrooms look more like Lidl than Ikea. What follows is a meandering introduction and some […]

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Why Teach?

Chris Chivers wrote earlier about the reasons why teachers become teachers, why heads become heads and what we would most like to change. As I commented to Chris, it is fascinating that someone who has dedicated themselves to the profession so conclusively ‘fell into teaching’ rather than setting out to do it. This chimes with […]

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