Not Set Correctly

This week in my class, I have been reminded of something that happened when I was in Year 8. This week one of my pupils had been becoming really upset in the mornings, just around the time the maths lesson would begin. I thought at first it was that he was genuinely unwell, because he […]

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An Ode to Staying Put

Being a precocious whipper-snapper whose 21st Birthday cards arrived whilst starting my first year in the classroom , I represent that oddly dislocated ‘parachuted in’ type of young urban TeachFirst teacher we tend quite justifiably to dislike. But a spare a thought for us geographical vagrants who have left behind all of our family and […]

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Male Primary Teachers and Feminism

To be a man in a patriarchal society confers unjust privilege on every single man who teaches, no matter how egalitarian, counter-normative or pro-feminist their actions and persuasions. By virtue of being a biologically male primary school teacher, I am immediately ‘visible’ and different from the majority of my colleagues and this benefits me enormously […]

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Pencil Cake

This morning at 7am I was in Tesco buying Chelsea buns, chocolate buttons, some grapes, some milkshake and some strawberries. At 7:30am this morning I was in school gathering old and unloved colouring pencils. At 8:00am this morning I inserted all the pencils into the Chelsea bun, and placed the bun on a paper plate, […]

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#rED15 Adventures in Meatspace

Again, it was a packed day of talks, familiar faces, forgotten names and interesting chats. As always, it is good to meet up with the people who I normally prefix with @, and to frequent that ‘Dream Staffroom’ of likeminded colleagues. Yesterday though, when I wasn’t being derailed by Charlie Payne’s snorts of laughter, my […]

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