That Feeling In The Room

Sometimes, it feels as though it is not just me and my thirty-strong infantry in my classroom. Sometimes, without any warning, a most unexpected guest drifts in. Does it get in through an open window, or the crack beneath the door? Is it smuggled in a fleece pocket or a sour-smelling backpack? Is it crouching […]

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The Boy in the Sari

‘The Boy in the Sari’ is the name of a long critical essay that I wrote for the Masters course on which I am currently enrolled, the MA Sociology of Education at UCL-IoE. The whole essay is a 5,000 word behemoth which picks apart a ‘critical incident’ and analyses it in theoretical and practical depth. […]

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How Primary Schools Create Gender

Primary schools are places in which gender is made to seem real. Through the often uncritical bombardment of the fairy tales, myths and legends to which they are exposed, children see fragile princesses passively awaiting their princes, see regular girls rocket in worth as – like Cinderella – they are made to conform to a […]

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