7 Tips for Leading a Foundation Subject

In primary schools, subjects are classed as being either Core or Foundation. Core subjects are English and Mathematics. Foundation subjects are those which are not tested in the SATS. Now, in most schools this includes Science, History, Geography, Art, Design, Technology, PE, RE, Citizenship, Modern Foreign Languages and PSHE. Schools cover the foundation curriculum in […]

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Sloth: No Direction

My name is Zayn Malik. You probably know me for my shrimp but I was once in a band. We were backstage at the O2 and had finished another show. Harry was rummaging around in his bag looking for moisturiser. Out of the corner of my eye I could sense something moving. Then came a […]

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My Post-Punk Scoutism

Few people┬áthink that they fall neatly into any given category; it harms our sense of uniqueness to slot so easily into a vacant gap in the jigsaw. I am happy to endorse the Singaporean approach to early maths teaching, as seen in the Maths No Problem scheme, though I don’t think the approach is completely […]

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Leaving my first school

I am leaving my school at Easter. This is the school where I started in 2011, where I learned how to teach and where I have built up a huge collection of memories, relationships and anecdotes. In writing this, I am just getting my head together about the whole thing and for once, I am […]

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Respecting Mother Tongues

In my experience, I have only once heard a teacher raving about a pupil’s bilingual abilities. This was some years ago now, in a school in East Yorkshire, when I was gaining work experience, and the class teacher introduced me to a 6 year old boy with a French father and an English mother. The […]

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