TfS – Teaching for Sprezzatura

Sprezzatura – “effortless grace or an easy facility in accomplishing difficult actions while hiding the conscious effort that went into them.” – Sprezzatura in the primary school is rare, but when you find it, it stirs the soul. As a kind of learned naturalness or ‘rehearsed spontaneity’ (1) it is what you might find a couple of times […]

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Trad and Prog: My Two Penn’orth

You may have heard of a Progressives versus Traditionalists debate. It is among the thornier thickets of EduTwitter. The boundaries of each theoretical/philosophical standpoint are contested. Rumour has it that if a Knowledge Organiser is printed in colour, and given to six children to look at as part of a group work task, everybody dies. Whilst […]

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Reflections on Voicelessness

Being voiceless is horrible. I mean voiceless in both the literal and metaphorical sense, and I write this from my sickbed in a Greek apartment with an uvula the size and shape of a pensioner’s fist.  For the last six days, I have had acute tonsillitis and it has been, at times, almost impossible to […]

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Dahl-Dependency: Break the Cycle

I want to state right from the offset that it was Professor Teresa Cremin who introduced the term of ‘Dahl- Dependency’ to me, when she led our INSET training last Monday. Research conducted as part of the Teachers as Readers Research Project showed that teachers have a ‘limited and limiting repertoire’ of children’s authors, poets and […]

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7 Tips for Leading a Foundation Subject

In primary schools, subjects are classed as being either Core or Foundation. Core subjects are English and Mathematics. Foundation subjects are those which are not tested in the SATS. Now, in most schools this includes Science, History, Geography, Art, Design, Technology, PE, RE, Citizenship, Modern Foreign Languages and PSHE. Schools cover the foundation curriculum in […]

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