Writing as clear as muck

We can sometimes set a low bar for clarity when, in our haste to introduce children to a range of grammatical forms – some common and some less so – we create meandering, convoluted and clunky sentences which (whilst being grammatically accurate) are difficult to get our heads around, due to their excessive length, multiple […]

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‘Really?’ What do you ‘actually’ think? – Children’s authentic writing

Most of the time, children are quite savvy in their writing, and they read into the implicit expectations that sit around our explicit expectations. When we model a piece of writing for its grammatical features, or for the clear way in which the ideas are expressed, the children may also take in expectations like ‘I […]

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I have been bringing two cloth bags full of books back to my house from school every day for the last fortnight. Post-it notes cascade out of them, each one a small review written by children across the school who borrow them whenever they want. I plan my weekly timetable and realise anything I don’t […]

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Since We Got A Sofa…

Things have changed a little bit since we got a sofa in the office. The idea was quite a simple one. We had a space after removing an unnecessary desk, and thought to fill it with something comfortable that we could make use of. My colleague hopped along to IKEA and found it in Bargain […]

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What is the school for?

This year, I decided to move to working four days a week, giving me one day to work with different schools, and to explore a diverse range of projects and approaches. This has been enriching, and has given me a wider perspective; I continue to learn a phenomenal amount during my four days as AHT, […]

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