Flappy Bird Pedagogy

I have been stuck on what seems to be a cursed train journey back to London, and as a result, I have become deeply acquainted to the game Flappy Bird. No I have not planned my lessons yet. No I have not finished my Masters degree work. Yes, I have played Flappy Bird for the […]

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Teaching the Haka

As part of our Geography Week this year, children in Year 4 explored Rites and Rituals. We had been learning about the history and meaning of the ‘Ka Mate’ haka, the Maori one you may know from the rugby. Here, we were practising in the playground, all 120 of us, before performing it in front of 300 parents, teachers and a rapper.

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Word Group Calamity Activity

This was a bit of a kooky lesson idea that attempted to reap the learning benefits from my children’s tendency towards loudness and my own tendency towards messiness. The children were split into three groups of five, with each group taking one of Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives as their topic. They were given two minutes […]

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