A Primary Teacher Minifesto

This will be a minifesto, in which I will outline my key thoughts about primary teaching in a really condensed, misleading, facetious, probably untrue and flippant way. I won’t go into much depth, in the hope that someone will turn my phrases into those artistic images with my wisdom overlayed onto Hawaiian sunsets. Also I […]

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On FBV and Britishness

I have shared my views on Britishness previously, here and in a slightly festive slant here. More recently, rather than wallowing in my own thought vacuum, I have had the pleasure of leading a course, which allowed me to spend time with other teachers discussing that most juicy of questions: what does it mean to […]

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Testing Times

This week is a nation-wide week of testing. Seven year olds, eleven year olds, sixteen year olds, eighteen year olds. SATS. GCSES. A Levels. Tests are a cause of enormous stress for everybody, but for nobody more than those sitting them. As teachers, our sense of our ability rests on their tests. As parents, our […]

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Why I Can’t Coach Sport

It would be a dramatic overstatement to say that I was ever a good sportsman. I played basketball seriously between Year 8 and Year 11, and we trained every night after school but even then, I noticed I couldn’t quite channel the will to win in the same way my friends could. If I felt […]

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