Leaving my first school

I am leaving my school at Easter. This is the school where I started in 2011, where I learned how to teach and where I have built up a huge collection of memories, relationships and anecdotes. In writing this, I am just getting my head together about the whole thing and for once, I am […]

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Respecting Mother Tongues

In my experience, I have only once heard a teacher raving about a pupil’s bilingual abilities. This was some years ago now, in a school in East Yorkshire, when I was gaining work experience, and the class teacher introduced me to a 6 year old boy with a French father and an English mother. The […]

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educators of NEWHAM on twitter

This will be a regularly updated directory of education types in Newham, with links to their Twitter handles. If you would like to be added/removed or to edit your profile, contact me via the comments section below. Information is taken from public twitter biographies, and only those individual accounts publicly announcing that they work in education […]

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Teachers, Use Twitter Well

I know that almost everybody reading this will be doing so having seen it on Twitter. The audience of this post is for your colleagues, chums, overlords and underlings who haven’t yet taken the plunge into the murky cybernetic virtual waters. To be clear, I also know that any teacher already on Twitter can write […]

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