Teachers Have Superpowers

I am not going to pour slush all over you with a post about teachers being modern day superheroes (largely because I did that last week anyway). No. I am talking about the day to day supreme talents that teachers develop. Those who teach, you should recognise some of these. Those who are about to… […]

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But That’s Not My Name

When my little brother and I were in primary school, one of the teachers used to sometimes call him by name, because he had taught us both, and then every time he made the error, he promised to give my little brother some kind of sweet. It turned it into a bit of a game. […]

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How Gold Stars Ruin Stuff

I think that a lot of what we do in primary schools as praise-giving actually perpetuates quite negative messages and can be demotivating to many pupils. I appreciate that schools need systems, though I think a problem in many schools – my own included – is that for a very long time we have done […]

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