On Primary Geography in London

Being a Geography coordinator in London is a double edged sword. The advantages are that London itself is a formidable site for urban study – diverse, changing, vast, old, new, rich, poor, green, grey. As a school in the East End, I have a particular penchant for taking the kids around Spitalfields, Brick Lane and […]

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Nothing Else MATters

This week I did something awful. My body clock woke me up in a blind panic on Friday, and I had dreamt I was late for work so in the instant I woke up – in a cloud of delirium – I ran to my housemate’s bed, got her by the shoulders and said “Quick, […]

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Be a Signpost: Keep Teaching

I am going to be talking about the positives of education, schooling and teaching. Speaking of the positives does not mean I am suggesting that our education system is perfect. We cling too readily to binary positions on contentious issues; we too easily settle into For/Against positions that oversimplify each standpoint, often glossing over the tricky parts […]

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The 1 Minute School Test

I was at some TeachFirst/Future Leaders training yesterday (oo get her) and one of the facilitators asked how long it takes once you have entered a school before you can identify its vision. Someone called out ‘A couple of weeks’ and someone called out ‘A couple of minutes’. I humbly propose one minute as the […]

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