nurture 19/20

I find these year in review style posts to be quiet helpful. They fix you in time, capture what you’ve been up to and how you feel about it, and it can be interesting to look back on. I view the 2014-15 academic year as the best I’ve had, now that there is a healthy […]

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  We ran two retreats for children aged between nine and eleven this month, and each was fascinating in its own way. The first one was able to equip the children to express themselves particularly clearly – the poetry that the children have written is amongst the most fluid, idiosyncratic and expressive we have had. […]

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Does your confidence as a teacher-writer alter children’s writing?

‘Sometimes she finds it hard, sometimes writing is.’ We all know the way we teach writing is wrong, right? We know that the diary entries, with their formulaic ‘Dear Diaries’ and logical paragraphs, and chronological recount, are nothing like the impulsive, emotional thoughtsplurges we may or may indulge in from time to time. We know […]

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Thoughts from the Relational Sandpit

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Relationships Foundation’s Annual Conference yesterday, at Churchill College, University of Cambridge. After a rich introduction from Dr Rob Loe, there were talks from Professor Gordon Harold, Professor Colleen McLaughlin, Professor Robin Banerjee and Emeritus Professor Michael Fielding, as well as workshops which explored the practice of relational […]

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