2017 Stuff of the Year Awards

Earworm of the Year


This quirky album sees Peter Gregson reimagine Prokofiev. The ‘Jerk Driver’ tune has been in my head for an alarming amount of time.

Book of the Year


I read this a lot earlier in the year but it was so well-written, poignant and sad, it has stayed with me all year. Aravind Adiga is well known for The White Tiger, and this is his third book.

Children’s Book of the Year


‘The Imaginary’ by AF Harrold is one of the most enjoyable books I’ve had the pleasure to read aloud with kids. In turns, it is funny and unsettling, and the Y5 class I read it with were all absolutely hooked. AF Harrold is a great writer, and an amiable presence on Twitter too, who was happy to answer my kids’ queries.

Art of the Year


When I studied the Writing the City course earlier this year, the course leader shared about the work of the East London Group. There are so many fascinating life stories among the group, and their artistic perspectives on the streets I know have been fascinating to explore.

Sunset of the Year


When Adisa and I took the kids out for this year’s Poetry Retreat, when it got to about 3pm, we could tell the early signs in the sky that were would be an amazing sunset. Together, we all ran up a hill, and stood in silence as the sky transformed. We might never again see something quite as majestic as this.

Sunrise of the Year

Sukhi and I headed off to see the sun rise over Borobudur on the island of Java in Indonesia, during May half term. Stunning.



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