There Is More Light Here

Farhaan Patel (@DeputyDifferent) has just shared how he is inspired by the writings of Rumi. When I was on holiday in Turkey a few years ago, I stumbled across the stories of Mulla Nasruddin, as written down by Idries Shah. Sitting on the beach day after day, reading for a  few minutes, sleeping for a few minutes, swimming for a few minutes, I enjoyed the esoteric, witty and occasionally salient parables.

One that jumped out at me from ‘The Exploits of the Incomparable Mulla Nasrudin’, and which continues to do so, is titled ‘There Is More Light Here’. I find it characterises so much of what we do in life, and it highlights the gap between what we want to achieve and what we do to achieve it.


There is More Light Here

Someone saw Nasrudin searching for something on the ground.

“What have you lost, Mulla?” he asked.

“My key”, said the Mulla. So they both went down on their knees and looked for it.

After a time the other man asked:

“Where exactly did you drop it?”

“In my own house.”

“Then why are you looking here?”

“There is more light here than inside my own house.”


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