Walker’s Weird Week: Tuesday




06:50 Wake to the sound of cat moaning at my door. Sleep through it.

07:10 Wake to sound of my alarm clock signing a Chinese version of Nothing Compares 2 U

07:15 Shower

07:30 Search fruitlessly for my bank card.

07:40 Drive to work

07:50 Arrive at work after stopping at corner shop for bread.

07:55 Make toast and transfer housemate £80

08:10 Print out all the course materials for the CPD I am running tomorrow.

08:40 Set up the questions and pupil names for a Plicker quiz for Ali’s Maths class.

08:55 Go up to Ali’s class. Pick up lesson plans. Read them and digest the morning’s =plans.

09:00 Collect kids from playground. Freezing.

09:05 Register them as I also label up their Plicker quiz cards.

09:10 Send kids off promptly because some colleagues are being observed by Ruth Miskin herself today.

09:15 Settle the kids for literacy. Remind them what homophones are. Test their memory of some homophone spellings. Practice the handwriting ll join. Discuss and digest the Anthony Horowitz biography, looking for key information. Create a list of time adverbials. Enoucrage children to use them in their writing. Get pupils to then come up with Questions as Subheadings.

10:30 Ali’s class return to me. Go to the library. They are too noisy. Tell them off for disrespecting the library. Ruth Miskin walks in just after the dust has settled from the telling off. Pretend we were just leaving anyway to save all of us any embarrassment.

10:40 Back to class; get Ali’s class to read through and complete their science experiments on friction.

11:05 Tell children that if they do not stop talking, and if the room is untidy, they will not leave for play.

11:15 After six minutes of waiting in line for quiet, children can leave.

11:17 Rapid wee.

11:20 Collect children from the playground for maths.

11:23 Get to class. Tell children what we are doing. Explain about the Plicker quiz at the end of the lesson if we are good.

11:30 Try against a torrent of difficult to explain the concept of ‘range’, whereby you subtract the smallest value from the largest value to find the range. Set pupils off. Stop them because loads get it wrong. Re-phrase my explanation; set them off again. Oversee theri work. Set next task whereby pupils are quietly working out the solutions to problems relating to shopping in Jakarta. Mark the first five books, then set those five children to tick-mark all remaining books.

12:15 Set up the Plicker and give out the Plicker Cards so chidlren can respond. Quiz the pupils; note down their percentages and make a note for hte base class teacher about who is doing particularly well and who particularly poorly.

12:30 Dismiss the children. Check through all maths books to see pupils’ work. Evaluate.

12:36 Find housemate-colleague. Borrow her bank card so I can extract £80.

12:41 Go to the Asian Mall. Get £80 out of the machine. Buy a panini and a flat white from Coffee Republic, as well as a cheeky Mince Pie.

13:00 Return to Ali’s class to eat and go over PM plans. Write this blog for the whole AM.




One thought on “Walker’s Weird Week: Tuesday

  1. I was knackered simply reading all that JW. Surely you missed a bit ….’ drive to work navigating through the epicentre of crazy that is Romford Road’.
    Power to you and and the amazing Ali.

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