Walker’s Weird Week: Monday

This is more for my own benefit so that I can record my time, reflect on stuff at the end of the week.


MON 12:00 Sleeping

03:00 Woken by cat – restless for hour

04:00  Sleeping

07:15 Wake up and wash

07:40 Drive to work

07:50 Arrive at work. Eat fig tart and drink peppermint tea.

08:10 Enter office. Talk about Wednesday’s training with KS1 leader.

08:40 Talk about careers and Teaching School Key Information Form (KIF) with ITT Manager

09:00 Emails. Send witty email to neighbouring Teaching School Leads, titled ‘KIF from a Rose’

09:10 Share PPT for Wednesday’s training with KS1 Leader.

09:30 Make strong coffee.

09:35 Collect information on ITT for Key Information Form (KIF) from ITT Manager.

10:00 Return to office. Play ‘Hackney Colliery Band’ on Spotify whilst working on the KIF.

10:25 Emails (9 New)

10:35 Query an email regarding invoicing

10:40 Find and write out all the CPD we delivered last academic year into a spreadsheet

11:10 Input this into another spreadsheet

11:15 Realise spreadsheet is limited to being five cells wide. Be confused.

11:30 Get help from Head of School. Cause Head of School to be confused too. Head of School suggests a good solution. We move on.

11:35 Late morning wee.

11:40 Input all information about CPD into KIF

11:55 Receive Phonecall from Headteacher regarding details of invoice query earlier in the AM

12:05 Support Maths Hub Lead to know what a TeachMeet is.

12:15 Plan #TMNewham and contact Amjad Ali

12:25 Check emails (4 New)

12:30 Go for lunch with Lucy at RoostersPiriPiri for some hummus.

13:15 Arrive back at school. Finish setting up the Wiki page for #TMNewham

13:25 Emails (4 New)

13:30 Toilet and Coffee ready for the PM

13: 35 Tidy up the publicity for the next #TMNewham and set up the Eventbrite.

13:50 Contact speakers over Twitter who already expressed an interest.

14:00 Emails

14:15 Read ‘Can I Build Another Me?’ by Shinsuke Yoshitake on the loo.

14:25 Help ITT Manager with a concern about recruitment.

14:40 Put together a PPT about the book ‘Can I Build Another Me?’

15:00 Attend to an urgent email about the NPQSL

15:05 Panic and continue to make the PPT

15:15 Watch YouTube video of ‘Little Rabbit Foo Foo’ to decide whether it is appropriate for an Anti Bullying Week Text in Nursery Reception

15:17 Decide it isn’t. Find and order ‘Words Are Not For Hurting’ on Amazon Prime.

15:18 Add ‘Words Are Not For Hurting’ onto the Anti Bullying PPT with ‘Can I Build Another Me?’

15:20 Try to find which room the INSET is in.

15:28 Go to INSET room. Share the Anti Bullying Week PPT with all staff

15:31 Sit as Assessment Manager outlines Assess and Review with all staff.

15:45 Headteacher shares concerns about quality of my display (fair point)

15:55 Come down to talk to KS1 Phase Leader about PPA cover tomorrow

16:05 Make cups of peppermint tea for the Year 5 team. Tell Mr R I am covering him all day.

16:18 Find Mr C to see whether or not there will be team teaching tomorrow.

16:22 Text housemate/colleague imploring her to leave so we can see the cats.

16:34 Put on ‘Christmas Hits’ playlist on Spotify in my office. (All I want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey)

16:39 RE Consultant pops in to say hi. Makes suggestions for altering publicity for a future conference about Religious Literacy.

16:42 Edit publicity as soon as RE Consultant leaves.

 16:52 Leave work. Drive back to the flat with housemate and a friend.

17:04 Say hello to cats. Be spurned by cats.

17:08 Put on Season 6 of Drag Race. Dislike Darienne Lake all over again.

17:10 Put garlic bread in oven.

17:10 Drag Race

17:20 Get out Garlic Bread and share with housemate and friend.

18:30 Leave with housemate and friend to visit a friends house for dinner. Take the Tube and then walk in the FREEZING cold.

19:05 Arrive at friends house for dinner party. Drink mulled wine. Eat vegetarian chilli and sweet potatoes. Talk about school.

19:35 Sample liquid delicacies from the Caribbean with some Coke.

20:00 Listen to Christmas music with friends whilst doing some decoupage.

22:30 Leave friends’ house; get the Tube home.

23:10 Arrive home. Say hi to cats. Play with them for ages without the  TV on.

23:50 Bed.



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