Hogwarts Diversity Outreach Suggestion


Let’s talk about Hogwarts. I recognise I am a decade and a half late with these ideas, but I have been blindsided by a searing thought, followed by others (a searies, perhaps).

Among this searies there are saris. Sarious Black? No, sarious pink and orange.

Padma and Parvati Patil appear to me – after a thorough seven minutes of Googling – to be the only pupils whose names have an etymological derivation from a major world religion.

As far as my tired nocturnal self can deduce, there are no other names that derive from religion. Many derive from astronomy and Roman names, but none are Biblical, Quranic or from the Torah or from the Guru Granth Sahib.

All of this leads me to ask a few other things.

Are Padma and Parvati Hindu? Can they get time off for Diwali? If so, how do they get back? Is it Hagrid, does he get paid and is he invited to the celebrations or expected to wait outside? If they do get time off for Diwali, who is responsible for OKing it? Or do they just give them Hermione’s watch, which is a semi-not-inclusive cop-out? How do they navigate these two roles and all the stereotypes that come with both? Does Hogwarts celebrate diversity, perhaps though themed assemblies, or is it ‘colourblind’? Which of the all-white staff takes a lead on this anyway – is there a policy?

HOLD ON. Tom Riddle… Thomas… Thomas the Apostle… Doubting Thomas.

I didn’t read the last book but if Padma and Parvati did exams, and are Hindu and passed those exams, then that means that they have a 100% pass rate for pupils of South Asian origin.

Bet they don’t get that in Durmstrang, and in the French schools the Patils would not even be legally allowed to wear that dupatta and bangle combination on the premises due to secularism laws probably.

So to conclude, if there are Hindus why are there no Jews, Sikhs and Muslims in Hogwarts? Is this an institutional subconscious failing or is it willed? Is the school trying to reach out to these communities? Could they? Does the wizardry cut across faiths or is it reconcilable with some but not others? Perhaps Sprout could go into 0.8 time at Hogwarts and have one day a week to do community engagement in Muggle meatspace to balance things and reflect UK demographics.

And when they do, they need to build (at least) a multi-faith prayer room. And no, the Room of Requirement doesn’t count.

That’s all I wish to say on the issue.


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