Eclectic Plans for 16-17

Next year, despite my love for Geography, I have decided to give the post away to pick up something different; now that I won’t be doing anything like full-time class teaching, I thought it would be better in the hands of someone who is.

Instead, I am picking up responsibility for SMSC and the School Council. I love the focus on SMSC, and as many of us know from our own schools, it is something that can so easily slide when the pressure mounts up and the timetable gets a battering. To focus on the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of kids, as a whole school approach, has lots of opportunities. I’m really looking forward to this.

And also the School Council. I am informally co-opting whichever of the kids from Year 2 – Year 6 get democratically elected as ‘my class’ for the year. I am going to add a cabinet structure – there will be a leader and deputy who stay in post all year, but everyone else will cycle between Cabinet posts regularly (in the style of Corbyn circa the betrayal).

I like that my job is so eclectic, and that I have a million little bits and bobs to do rather than one big thing. Here are some of the things I am doing next year.

  1. Running the DebateMate League and Cup for Newham
  2. Organising and attending a Poetry Creative Writing Retreat with kids from five local primary schools and with the poet Adisa
  3. Organising TeachMeet Newham
  4. Doing all of Year 5s PPA cover
  5. Taking 28 of the Y5 shubunkins off camping in Epping Forest
  6. Put together a CPD opportunity I am speculatively calling ‘CPD: Coach of Professional Development’ – a coach trip for teachers around England visiting schools with as diverse a range of school cultures/school values as possible
  7. Funding permitting, run the Newham Primary Speechmaking Competition again.

8. Spend some days on SLE deployment at Dersingham Primary supporting middle leadership in the humanities

9. Run an effective school council, where the kids actually have some clout and money to spend. Take them to the Houses of Parliament and get them to meet some other effective change makers and leaders.

10. Work with colleagues to put together another donation drive and visit to the refugee camps around Calais.



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