Camping – During Trip Diaries


See previous post for an explanation of what is going on here.

My own post will follow about the idea of fear, what it looks like and what it means for kids.

Here we have the kids’ brief reflections on things as they went along during the week. I will just take choice snippets and it is worth saying that their diaries are very brief and a little rushed as we were so incredibly busy all the time, even more than I had anticipated.

For those kids who wrote purely report style, just saying what they did in plain terms, I’ll not write these out. This will explain a few absences from the list.


Kid * – I arrived just now and I am a little disappointed because we only have a day left! … We also played Cat and Mouse and of course, our talent show. We danced and partied like mad people and everyone joined in except Miss… Today is the last day and we are all wet from playing the cup game. At free time we played with a frisbee but I think it got too competitive and I am sad that I only have this day, but at least I was here for the fun bits.

Kid # – People were crazy whilst me and Kid N were trying to sleep. It took forever to get our tents up but we made it. Then we had lunch and had to make a den. We had loads of lolz after cleaning up (yup, cleaning up)… Today was the best day so far. The breakfast was delicious and we had sausages (vegetarian!) and then made campfires and made toast on the fire. In the night MIss Robinson came and we had a talent show! WE did the cup song and now we are writing this diary with Miss Robinson and our friends. Tomorrow we are leaving…

Kid A – When we arrived we did our tents part by part and then all of our tents were finished. Then we had our lunches from home only for one day. We went to the forest. It was amazing. Then we came back, got our torches and went to bed…When we got up we got ourselves sorted and had breakfast in the kitchen. We had lovely food there. We did a water game. IT was fun and we got wet. Then we made a fire and made toast! It was lovely…We played games. I felt happy.

Kid B – Today I went CAMPING! I was absolutely excited to go though I was a bit sad because I would be spending time with my mummy. Anyway, today we built our own tents. The tent was so cosy. Then we ate lunch and went to Epping Forest. We collected pieces of wood for a fire tonight. THen we had play time. We ate dinner which was a delicious pasta with tomato. After the THIRD play time we had hot chocolate.

Kid C – OK first let me get to yesterday night when I got scared and went to Mr Walker three times then I finally fell asleep and woke up fresh. Then we had breakfast sausage and buttered toast then we played and after that we made our campfire and made toast. It was a success. By the way I wish I can sleep please tonight…. I did it! We done a water challenge and now Im gonna hold a snake!


Kid D – First I played football and second I was crying because I was in trouble and hard times… Today I woke up late because I was taking care of my friend to help him go to sleep =P …Today I mist some of my friends but we had frisbee with the teachers and the days went so fast and all I know is that I am going to miss camp.

Kid F – Dear Diary. I was feeling nervous at first but when we arrived I really enjoyed it. THe food was DELICIOUS! The den making and zip wire were really fun. I can’t wait for the next activities! … Today I did the spinneroos and Cat and Mouse. Sadly we are leaving tomorrow but I had lots of fun…Dear Diary. We woke again at 7:00 and I was SOOO tired!

Kid G – If you’re peeping in here I’ll punch you.

Kid H – We set up our camp and it wasn’t hard as I thought and after we all had lunch and it was the best day I ever had all year…We done the talent show and roasted toast and it was the best toast I had that week and it was a bit scary and we slept in tents but it was a bit loud when Kid R was in it and finally I slept on time and woke up at 7am…We played Frisbee with Miss Rima and then after that we helded pets like snakes and then went home.

Kid K – Kid B is really brave becahse he said thank you in front of everybody for the food.

Kid L – We finally went to bed and I put the torch on for the whole night…


Kid O – I am so excited already it has only been a few hours but I feel like we have done so much… I had so much fun. We made toast over a fire and we went into the forest and made Natural Art and then played the cat and mouse game. We had so much fun but we are leaving…:( and 🙂 We are leaving in two to three hours. I want to touch the snakes the most because I really like them but I also want to hold the frogs and toads because I like them too.

Kid R – We made tents and made the best shelter. We had lunch and we collected some twigs and it was the best day…Today we had an ice bucket challenge and it was fun. We got wet.

Kid S – Today we builded our tent and we went hang-gliding. Even we made shelters in the forest and playd football… We made fire.

Kid T – I feel excited at the start until me and Kid S put our tent up it was fun. I can’t wait to sleep in my tent. I am very excited…Now it is the last day. We are going to touch a snake then the coach comes and we go home.

Kid V – …We ate dinner and sat down for the Talent Show. Our show was ruined. It was craziness (theme) One part was me falling after everyone. It was fun. We did it in front of a campfire (although we had no fire) … In the morning I really needed the loo. Kid Q was asleep so I woke him up.

Kid W – We played frisbee and won 8-6. It was so fun. We totally killed the other team.

Kid Y – Kid X and I were having so many lolz when we got here and the first thing we done was set up the tent. THen we had lunch and went to the forest. I nearly weed my pants because Kid # kept making me laugh. PS We had a delicious dinner. PPS alliteration! PPPS I went toilet and had lolz and also was scared… I’m sooooooooooooooooo tired.,, Today is the last day and worst because Kid # hit me so hard with the frisby (she always ends up hurting me and so I am not her friend (YAY!) – joke – but FIRST LEMME TAKE A SELFIE!) no but first we took our tent apart. We also done the water challenge again. I am so excited to go home.IMG_4077


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