On Rhetoric: A lesson Plan


Aristotle by Raphael

I was asked by a teacher, at a talk I was giving on oracy, if I have a lesson plan which she could use to teach Rhetoric ‘simply and in one lesson.’ I replied ‘yes!’ 

And here it is:

In order to teach this lesson it is a good idea to ‘use’ the art of rhetoric in order to teach, delight and move your class, these were Cicero’s three principles of Oratory: to teach, to delight and to move. However, here, I am not trying to persuade you of the need for the teaching of rhetoric rather I am going to be quite mechanical and take you through a lesson plan:

Firstly introduce the ‘Five Parts of Rhetoric’; these are:

1. Invention
2. Arrangement
3. Style
4. Memory
5. Delivery

Then explain what each one is, again, I want to keep it simple.

1. Invention:

This is the content of your…

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