Highs and Lows of Teaching #blogsync


This post is part of a #blogsync I am running at school, doing some training on social media for staff at Elmhurst Primary.


Teaching is one of the most turbulent professions and every day can be a rollercoaster. I can find myself smiling from ear to ear in Literacy, and by Maths, I am doubting my existence, pining for a change of profession, all because a pupil has decided not to use a ruler.

I think the highs and lows are so pronounced because we invest so much into what we do. It wouldn’t be the same emotional range if we were working in a supermarket because we are doing the nine to five; teaching never stops, and for that reason, our emotional lives are written all over our professional lives.


1) Trips –  When I was a kid, I really enjoyed school trips (to such an extent that I got overly giddy, occasionally sick, and regularly had to go home early). Whilst the thought of trips doesn’t cause me to projectile vomit any more, it does still get me excited. I feel pleased to be out of my building site classroom and out roaming in Mile End Cemetery Park. or around a camp site, or even just around the local park. The kids behave differently and somehow, it just feels much better.

2) PE – I am really unfit, as housemates can testify, but I really like teaching PE. The power of the whistle is immense. Even the most miserable kid ends up ‘on task and happy’ when encouraged to run with their knees up in the playground, and it is good to be in a learning environment where noise is not a sign I have lost control.



1) My Own Voice – I am quite boomy and loud in my voice, by nature, and when I become frustrated, I have a tendency for a volume explosion. I don’t want to call it shouting, as that is unprofessional, but I am oftentimes moved to raise my voice. I feel awful when I do it, and it makes me feel like a bad teacher – certainly not the teacher I wanted to be.

2) Science – I can’t answer any of the kids questions and I prefer flouncy human interest things. I feel that my lack of passion for teaching science kills off my kids enthusiasm a bit, and again, that makes me feel not so great.


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