Bring Stalybridge Home


This post is written by Sahel, one of the amazing Year 4 children that I teach, and he has a serious message for you all.

Stalybridge is a well beloved sloth toy at EPS. We lost him on a bus. As we were leaving, he was left on the bus. We love him very much. He is one of a kind. Noone in the world can replace him. He can not be described by words. Stalybridge helps us in our lessons and gives Mr Walker time for his own stuff because we can use him to write stories about. So, we want him back.

We love him so much that we even Tweeted Narender Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, for help. We want you to text us your photo of your Stalybridge. If he is the same, then we will reply saying yes and may you pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase donate your Stalybridge to Mr Walker as his heart is really broken.

Stalybridge is a TY Beanie Baby called Slowpoke and many of you may have one at home, so pleeeeeeeeease donate him. Look in your children’s bedrooms, and look in your own boxes of toys! Send us his photo on @jonnywalkerteaching on Twitter or comment on this blog. You could even send him to us at school and we will love him very much.

We wholeheartedly will look after him as he is our own child. Even if you want us to, if you are in London, we love him so much we will even go to your house to take him back.

Kind regards,

Sahel (Year 4 – Mr Walker’s Maths Class)

It would be seriously incredible if we could ‘crowd-source’ some sloths. My children will be genuinely mortified on Monday when they discover he is gone, and if we could fill the room with the family of Stalybridge – a room full of the TY Beanie Baby ‘Slowpoke’ – then this could just about calm the grief which will fill 4W on Monday.


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